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Writing this annual healing newsletter has 縮陰球香港 become a matter of love, born of my own desire to know what to do, how to do it, and how best to help my students and clients. Every year I compare different reports of other practitioners from all over the world. Some are quite simple, while others are surprisingly rich in history and metaphysical fundamentals that explain why we do what we do.

All masters note that in the house or office in the first place should be a good feng shui. Simple annual treatment does not help much when the house or office is a disaster on the feng shui.

There are many variables to consider, primarily your innate composition to deal with stress factors for health, your karma with money to cope with financial difficulties, your harmony in a relationship based on how you cope with solved problems in a relationship, etc. Saucy. A good feng shui will not make a genius of a person with a low I.I., but a good feng shui will increase the abilities of any student in proportion to his abilities.

You can make predictions about what will affect the general population, but the type of year you will have is unique to you and can be researched based on your birth data. That’s what I’ve been doing with Western astrology for 35 years. Others, trained in Vedic astrology, the four pillars of destiny and other analysis systems, can also describe your future trends. Since all systems are a preview of the holographic set, recommendations and information should be comparable depending on the reader’s skills.

When I make predictions for the future, I see it as a road map showing road conditions. If you have a bumpy part in front of you, it is better to slow down to avoid the “bottom” and a hole in the fuel tank; or under the right conditions we can put a “petal against metal” and easily and fearlessly scale our fun way. The idea is that warned – ahead of time – to go with the flow as a co-creator of your destiny, instead of jumping completely unconsciously and getting out of control.

Solar and lunar calendars

Eastern countries use two calendars. The lunar calendar is used for ceremonial purposes and to determine the mark of the year in animals. It’s a lunar New Year that you all know thanks to napkins in your favorite Chinese restaurant. This calendar begins on the second new moon after the winter solstice, which falls on January 26 this year. And then there’s the solar calendar.

It is a solar calendar used in Xin Xuan Kong feng shui (Space-Time), commonly called flying star (Fe Shin) Feng Shui, which determines the significant feng shui adjustments required when moving the Earth’s magnetic field through the earth. every spring.

Chinese sunny New Year begins in the east on February 3-4. This day is considered the beginning of spring, as it is about halfway between the winter solstice and the spring equinox.

2009 – The Year of the Ine Earth Cow
Like a brown cow now

Some call it the Year of the Bull, but technically, because it’s the year of the yin, the cow is a more appropriate designation. Either way, a bull or a cow is a sign of prosperity through resilience and hard work. It is also a sign of a born leader who is very reliable and has an innate ability to do great things. As it is easy to guess, these people are trustworthy, calm and modest. Like their eponymous animal, the Bull is unwaveringly patient, tireless in his work and able to endure all kinds of difficulties without complaint. They participate in all the world’s trials and are looking for solutions. These people are extremely intelligent, speak little and, if necessary, have the ability to articulate.

Sound familiar? It’s true, Barack Obama is a bull. He was born in 1961, the year of the metal bull. Being the second animal familiar in China’s 12-symbol system, bulls are diligent, stoic and hardworking – a bountiful harvest reflects conscious efforts.

Of course, not all animal signs are compatible with the Bull, especially those born in the years of Goat, Dragon and Dog. People born in these years, and everyone in general, are especially advised to wear an amulet with the pi Yao mascot on a chain, key key keychain or hanging from a rear-view mirror.

Xuan Kong Feng Shui – 2009
Annual Issue 9

There are many approaches to feng shui. The first and most important is to assess the forms of relief and flow of qi to the place, through it and around it. In fact, this is the theme of my book “Choose the best home: a checklist for feng shui.”

Many of you are familiar with Bagua as a method of “mapping” a home or office, defining certain areas as the center of abundance, relationships, careers, etc. – often referred to as eight aspirations. In this system we place various elements symbolizing these ambitions.

A more traditional approach uses a compass to determine the magnetic field of location observed in 20-year cycles. There are nine periods equal to 180 years. Since February 5, 2004, we have been in the eighth period.

In each of these 20-year periods, each year is also defined by an energy model called the number of years. The number for 2009 is 9. Number 9 defines how other numbers representing different types of elementary energy or qi “fly” according to the energy sequence described by Lo Shu’s magical square (see above). It is these numbers, representing the five elements – U Shin, determine which areas of the house are lucky or not.

Keep your balance

Consider whether you weigh something on the scales, which one side is heavier than the other. You add a little counterweight on one side or the other and eventually balance the scales. Or, as in a shower faucet, if the water is too hot, add a little cold until it becomes perfect.

Now annual elementals bring some positive influences, and others – negative. In some cases, the scale remains unchanged, and in some cases it is tilted sharply. It is this need to maintain balance that dictates which tools should be used to rebalance the negative tilt, and activators should be taken into account to maximize positive potential.

By analysing where these energies fall, using cycles of creation, reduction or control in accordance with the theory of the five elements, we can neutralize negative energies and amplify positive energies. Here’s a description of what to do.

Note. Since Feng Shui has been developed by the Chinese for thousands of years, many solutions have Asian themes. However, you can replace other items that you think will produce the same results.

It should also be understood that although Feng Shui traveled from China to many new places, different practices have developed different techniques to achieve harmonious results. Some Feng Shui experts have studied their methods from other practitioners and may seem imperious about “how to do this”.

That’s why we in the West have a great opportunity to hear what all teachers say and choose what we think is best for us. Try to be flexible in the learning process, do whatever is right for you, and do not go blind. Most importantly, you review the results and make appropriate adjustments.

Strengthen your care and improve

I am sure that many of you who read this have already grown strongly in your spiritual perfection and maturity and are perfectly capable of blessing and giving energy to your healings and improvements, either by putting your home altar or by performing three secret reinforcements of mantra, muddled and visualization.

You can also activate each object by holding it in the palm of one hand, holding the palm of the dominant hand on the object. Tune in, say a prayer or blessing to program an object to achieve your goal. Or, as they say, to consolidate your intention. Wait until you feel that the article is animated by the qi transmission, and then respectfully put the article in the right place.

Clean or dispose of old treatments

Before the start of the new sunny year on February 4, clean up all medicines such as Wu Lus (pumpkins), Pi Yaos (four-legged with the head of the dragon), Wind Chimes and many of the cash used in the previous year. Some practitioners suggest removing all treatments used in the past year, while others believe it is a bit extreme. However, almost all practitioners agree that it is best to completely get rid of baguette mirrors and salt water products (described below) because they are full of negative energy.

Install protections

Once the items have been cleaned, they must be placed in a new location by February 4. Some start classes before February 4, but at any time of the year is better than at all. After healing, it will take them about a month to absorb all the negative energy generated by negative numbers and take advantage of the improvements made to amplify the positive numbers.

But whatever you do, don’t worry if your bed, front door or desk are in places that are considered “affected” this year. Placing your feng shui funds and improvements in the right places will bring balance to your home or office so you can continue to enjoy good health, great prosperity and harmony in your relationship.

However, after annual healings, if you start having problems with finances, health, relationships or any other area of life, remove healings, adjust or add additional healings as requested and observe again. Home “Flying Star” procedures are held once. Annual prices are for short-term results and may need to be adjusted.

Note: Consultation with a professional feng shui practitioner can be helpful in assessing the combination of external reliefs and Flying Star numbers that were used in the construction of a house or business.

Work with your map and use an accurate compass
If you read the following recommendations, it will be easier to do so with an accurate floor plan for your home or office. You can split the floor plan using the traditional 9 cell mesh method or the 8-spoke wheel method preferred by many Hong Kong masters. Whether you’re using a grid method or a pie chart method, mark each sector with the right compass direction, and then follow the recommendations.

If you don’t have a traditional pan-lu (feng-shui compass), a good compass will clearly indicate that ALL 360 q. (Avoid compasses with 2o or 5o degrees in step or with only direction letters.

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