Realtor Certifications – Should Your Realtor Have One


In media real estate ads you will see many brokers with initials after their names. These are the broker’s designations representing certificates held by brokers. Here are a few names of brokers:

o ABR – the acronym means “accredited buyer representative.” Thanks to this certification, the broker specializes in representing buyers.

o ALC – Chartered Land Advisor specializes in land brokerage.

o CIPS – A Certified International Real Estate Specialist will be better versed in the international real estate market.

o CRB – A real estate agent has specialized knowledge in the field of brokerage and property management.

o CRE – These brokers have a certificate of real estate consultant only by invitation. They provide qualified advice on real estate and land.

o CRS – Certification by the Council of Residential Professionals means that the broker specializes in buying and selling residential buildings.

o GRI – A broker with a Graduate Realtors Institute certificate has achieved what is considered the highest professional status for a residential broker in the industry.

o SRES is a senior real estate specialist with expertise in dealing with older people who probably haven’t sold a house in years. This broker can properly explain the new terms, laws, procedures and financing to the elderly and help them better understand their rights as a seller and buyer.

Why do you need names?

Real estate agents with such appointments have studied certain areas of real estate to gain advanced knowledge in these areas. It takes a lot of time in the classroom to qualify for these titles, testing and gaining deep practical knowledge. Some appointments require six to eight months of regular classroom lessons. Such study not only gives more knowledge to the broker, but also increases his professionalism.

Real estate agents found these designations to be very valuable; because the more knowledge they have, the more confident customers have in their skills and abilities. These certificates are especially valuable for new brokers as they expand their knowledge faster than they have experienced.

All brokers must have a certain level of knowledge in their staff to obtain a license. In addition, brokers must take courses every four years to maintain their license. Certification rates for brokers are not mandatory.

What does this mean for the buyer or seller?

It depends on the particular broker. I have worked for many years in the insurance industry, where such designations are actively promoted, and they are also difficult to obtain. I found the following regarding insurance agents and their designations, which can be easily translated into brokers and their designations:

For many, the courses have improved their knowledge and ability to sell,

o Designations have attracted more customers,

o Many of the best insurance agents in our business have received ratings,

o Many of the best agents did not make an appointment, and

One of the most successful agents that has ever been in the company, he had no appointments, he was constantly ahead of everyone in sales every year and was so successful that he had his own personal secretary, defending all his calls because he was so busy with clients that he just seemed to attract him.

My point is that the designation indicates that brokers have completed a thorough study at the time. This means that they should be familiar with this area of real estate. This does not mean that they are more competent than a broker without designation, as the latter may have learned much more from experience than the owner of the designation.

So if you’re looking for a broker, look closely at their names. Choose a good interview with a broker, rather than just agree that it is the best because of the lid.

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