How To Buy Diamonds, Follow This Diamond Buying Guide And Save


Also, be prepared to save money by avoiding unnecessary overspending. And it can be expensive to get into an unskilled jewelry store. Follow my Diamond Buying Guide and learn how to buy diamonds with confidence.

CustomMade is a completely online custom jeweler that specializes in creating an engagement ring that perfectly matches your style and personality. Plus, your experts can make sure you get the best diamond you can afford.

The average U.S. engagement diamond is slightly less than a carat, about the weight of a small paper clip. When people talk about the style of an engagement ring, they often talk about the environment. But the two terms, style and environment, mean different things.

They are also good choices for diamonds that are classified in the colorless to almost colorless ranges, from D to J on the GIA color scale, as they emphasize the colorlessness of the diamond. Placing one of these diamonds DR diamond ring on yellow dots would make the diamond look yellower. Before you start buying an engagement ring, you need to understand the difference between the shape of a diamond, the cutting style and the cutting quality.

If the ring is ever lost or stolen, you will receive fair compensation. Insurers usually require a diamond review report before issuing a policy, and that’s another reason to make sure your purchase comes with a policy. However, it is important to be financially wise when selecting the carat. Although the difference in size between a 1 carat diamond and a 0.95 carat diamond is hardly noticeable, the price difference can be much larger. In addition, it does not hurt to save costs when selecting the carat, since you would need it to decide on the cut of the diamond, the main feature among others.

Neither way is better than the other, it depends on your personal preference (or that of your partner). Round brilliants are the most popular diamond shape for engagement rings and radiate the highest brilliance. For example, if you were to ask me to put on a 1-carat round of brilliant cut diamond on a halo engagement ring, it would take me about 15 seconds to find this beautiful diamond in James Allen for you. Another 20 seconds, and I would add this great alternative in Blue Nile. But searching on your own can be unbearable and full of doubts. If you want some rest, please feel free to contact us for personal advice.

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