The Four Cardinal Rules For Safe Handling Of Weapons


It is your responsibility to know how to operate your weapon and keep it safe for your safety and that of your family. Situational awareness is critical to the safety of firearms. Before making contact with the firearm, consider the environment and determine the safe direction. If you’re inside or outside at a shooting range and aren’t sure, ask. When walking or carrying a long rifle, the barrel is up or down and the firearm is unloaded.

Only for individuals who have completed a Canadian firearms safety course from BC Firearm Academy. The RCMP’s firearms program no longer allows individuals to question the course of firearm safety. Firearms should never be wielded by people who are under the influence of alcohol or drugs that may influence their judgment. Gun safety teachers advocate zero tolerance for its use.

Remember that almost all gun accidents in the home can be prevented by ensuring that the weapons are kept unloaded and locked up, with ammunition secured in a separate location. Always keep your finger off the trigger, even when wielding an unloaded weapon. Your finger should rest outside the trigger protector or along the side of the gun. The only time you have to pull the trigger is when you’re ready to shoot safely. Gun safety starts with carefully understanding and following the rules for safe handling of weapons.

Never assume that someone has handed you an unloaded gun. Take the time to safely inspect the firearm yourself before proceeding. Never accept in your possession a firearm that you are not known to and think you can play with it until you discover it.

This rule means that you must point your rifle’s muzzle in a safe direction at all times, regardless of whether it is loaded or not. People of any age who are depressed have a higher risk of suicide. If someone in the family has depression or suicidal thoughts, all weapons should be removed from the house. If the weapons cannot be removed, it is even more important to store the unloaded and locked weapon with the bullets stored separately and the keys hidden. Even if you’ve talked to them many times about gun safety, they can’t really understand how dangerous weapons are.

In the Marine Corps there is no accidental discharge. All unintentional discharges of weapons are considered negligent. This means that you are always 100% responsible for your weapon and your handling of weapons.

We can also help you find the best gun storage, pistol racks, pistol locks, pistol cabinets and more. Sporting Systems is your gun shop in Vancouver and we’re here to help. Keep weapons so that they are not accessible to unauthorized persons. The first step to becoming a responsible gun owner is to have a thorough understanding of the safety of firearms. These NRA gun safety rules and additional safety tips are here to teach you essential information about how to fire a gun responsibly.

If they encounter a loaded gun, they may accidentally injure or kill themselves or someone else. Gun owners must learn the process of loading and unloading weapons quickly. Remember that the weapon should only be loaded when one intends to use it. Unused firearms can be extremely dangerous if loaded carelessly, especially when gun owners fear children will have access to them.

Do you feel safe owning guns in a home with children? Experts have proposed “golden rules” to prevent gun owners from causing accidental injuries or deaths due to their inexperience with weapons or lack of familiarity with proper methods of handling weapons. We have outlined here the “golden rules” to improve your knowledge about gun security in today’s political environment. Remember conceal carry training that the recommendations below are for your safety and that of your family. No matter if you’re at the shooting range or at home, safety should be your first priority when handling or operating a firearm. In addition to following these rules for the safety of cardinal rifles, there are many hunting and shooting lessons available to teach you how to be safe when using a firearm.

A wide variety of eye and hearing protectors are available. No target shooter, plinker or hunter should be without them. Before cleaning your firearm, you should absolutely make sure it is unloaded. All ammunition should be stored away from the cleaning room. The operation of the gun must be open during the cleaning process.

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