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An employee (or someone acting on behalf of the employee) cannot use the diplomatic bag to send HHE or UAB to a foreign position or to a national address; see 14 FAM 610 for HHE and UAB shipping regulations . Please note that these lists have only been provided for reference. For questions about prohibited and restricted items, send an email to the FedEx cross-border compliance team. You can check the FedEx Cross Border Global Lists and India Country Specific List to determine if your product is prohibited or limited for shipping.

When your e-commerce inventory complies nationally and internationally with federal rules and laws for sending items, you can run your business without much hindrance. This is a list of items that you can send under certain circumstances. Each item category has specific packaging guidelines, regulations, and requirements that you must meet to ship.

Most hand disinfectants, including wipes, contain alcohol and are flammable in nature and, therefore, are treated and shipped as hazardous in US mail. For employees in A, C, D and E publications, items must be emailed through the USPS or international mail or sent through commercial transportation companies at the appropriate cost paid with personal money. But like any other airline, there are also certain restrictions on shipping with USPS. Here we look at all USPS shipping restrictions and prohibited items to find out which packages can be shipped.

DPO mail moves completely within the USPS system, while mail is only sent by senders and then forwarded via SA-32, where it is then placed and / or removed from UNCLAS pocket bags. If the publication is to be closed for a long period of time, DPO may work with USPS to direct all email for the forwarding of the USPS gateway to SA-32. C. An employee (or someone acting on behalf of the employee) cannot use the military postal service or diplomatic post office to send an HHE or UAB to a foreign post or to a national address; see 14 FAH-5. All material or articles shipped must not have an unpleasant or strong odor. Strong scents indicate that items are not suitable for shipping. Fragrance means that the packaging may contain hazardous, flammable or generally toxic materials.

Take the time to revise our list of prohibited and restricted items to avoid disappointment. To ensure compliance with airline safety standards, you must attach an aviation safety statement to each package or package of goods shipped within gửi hàng đi anh the EU, excluding Northern Ireland. It is important to know the policy of each carrier on their products before they are shipped, as the penalties for shipping are prohibited, limited or particularly dangerous goods are often high.

Limited quantities of non-prohibited food can be transported through the diplomatic bag. The PCO will withdraw money for quantities eligible for bulk shipments; see 14 FAM 723.3 for bulk shipments and 14 FAM 723.2 for prohibited items. Personal mail for employees in category E functions should be addressed to the corresponding USPS address or the national address of the border service city. Any article that is illegal under the laws of the United States of America or a state, territory or property, or, if shipped internationally, the laws of a reference destination or nation.

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